Monday, December 31, 2007

O white stuff from heaven fall

Every once in a while, though not nearly often enough in this too-southern New England state, we get this stuff called "snow." When this happens, we arise as if filled with new life (well, after a few cups of coffee, that is), run for the barn, and retrieve the precious flexible flyer (which still looks pristine as a result of these snowless, mild winters. Never thought I'd be thinking with longing of those sub-zero degree days in Anchorage, where the frost bit my fingers harshly as I struggled to turn the ignition in my well-worn Subaru wagon).
Inspired by this fluffy manna from above, Dylan puts all ambivalent feelings toward his sister aside and, reveling in the crisp joy of winter, offers to pull her around the yard. (Usually such spontaneous acts of kindness are met with responses like, "No! Leave me 'lone! Ont Daddy do it!").

Here's to hoping those cute little sleds get some more use this winter. To snow!

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