Monday, November 19, 2007

our yearly date with thomas the tank engine

Edie couldn't get enough of her cousin on the Essex Steam Train.
Gramma Bev (Bryan's mom) and Little Andy Cay (Bryan's sister Sue's 6-month old)

What's that out the window??

Dylan, Edie, and Alexa being cousin-ly.

o hushed october morning mild*

Dylan and Alexa with pal Maggie at West Rock Nature Center in Hamden.
The pine cones and feathers and fallen leaves abounded, but Alexa found herself drawn to a piece of scrap metal.

Ain't life sweet?

*Robert Frost, "October"

it's been a while. . .

. . .since I last wrote, so here are some recent fall photos. This one is of Dylan the Dinosaur with his pals Princess Zoey and Spider-Ben at Cheshire Nursery School.
And this beautiful house recently went on the market. I've been eyeing it for the last year--it's about 2 miles from where we live--and when I saw the "For Sale" sign I had to look. I'm still trying to talk Bryan into buying it. The inside is even more charming.

Whoops! Alexa fell off the horse. . .

but she's okay!