Tuesday, December 4, 2007

alexa turns two

My good friend Teresa sent Alexa this dress and hat just after she was born. I had almost forgotten about this outfit. Glad I found it. Lexi was in love with the hat and kept it on all day.
Trying on her new watch. At the end of the day, she looked at it and said, with a yawn, "It's bedtime, Mom."

For most of the party, Alexa and Molly, her pal from daycare, were inseparable.

Dylan took a liking to Lexi's new sleeping bag, and donned his backpack for a dining room excursion.

green party
We tried hard to keep the party as "green" as possible, and Bryan and I were pretty excited about how little waste was generated. We used cloth napkins, reusable plates and "silverware," cloth table covers, and reusable decorations.

We tried to institute a "no gifts" policy by writing a note to that effect on the invitations, but Lexi's friends and family are just too darn generous and couldn't resist the urge to bring something for the birthday girl. We couldn't complain, though, because the gifts were thoughtful--and many of them were in reusable bags :].

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c said...

Hey there Trish-
I wanted to let you know that i was inspired by your green birthday party. - so i had one of my own. i turned 38 on the 7th and Joe had this fabulous idea to have a build your own soup party.
we got 3 sets of used soup mugs at the thrift store, and used my vast collection of drink mugs for cocoa, we had real silverware and bandana napkins.
at the end of the night we hadnt even started to fill the trash can. and it took my mom and i about 15 mins to whip up the dishes. unreal.
i was so delighted- we have a new policy for parties now.
Happy Birthday to Lexi, and thanks for the inspiration.
love Creamy