Monday, September 17, 2007

revisiting alaska--vicariously

Our friend Rich is currently visiting his sister, who lives in Anchorage. Last week they hiked Wolverine, one of the most dramatic and rewarding peaks in the Anchorage vicinity. As seen from the city, the peak is stunning: its jagged edges and perfectly triangular shape beckon to every hiker and climber who takes in its view.
I enjoyed hiking this peak when I lived in Anchorage, and later Bryan and I hiked the mountain when we were visiting, in March of 2001, when the mountain was covered in snow and ice and we trekked up with our crampons and ice axes, which we really only needed at the very top.
We have some lovely photos of our trip, but Rich, a professional photographer, is much more adept at capturing some of the natural grandeur of the Chugach Range. Still, I haven't yet seen a photograph that could do Alaska justice. Its beauty is ineffable.

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