Saturday, June 21, 2014

Stuff Male Mountain Bikers Say when Leading a Group of Women (or, Did Marla Streb Ever Have to Deal With This?)

“And don’t worry about keeping up. I brought the slow bike today.”

“My buddies and I usually go that way, but it’s really technical, so we’ll go this way.”

“Nice job, gals!”

“I usually get up that, but the slow bike is heavy, so. . . .”

"Looks like that chain/cable/derailleur/fork could use a little adjusting."

“Let me give you a few pointers.”

“There’s a climb coming up, but it’s not too bad. Just take it nice and easy.”

"My wife/girlfriend/sister never clears that log, either."

“You cleared that? You must have done some riding with your husband!”

“Anybody need me to check their air pressure?”

“Hi fives, gals! You’re so powerful!”

"Are you sure you don't need a break?"

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