Wednesday, April 22, 2009

letter to spring

Dear Spring:

Since you haven't returned any of my calls, I can only assume that you caught wind of my love letters to Winter a few months ago. Yes, I took pleasure in his hardy embrace, and yes, I find him irresistible at a certain time of year--I mean, he's so burly and rugged and exciting. But we're not exclusive, Winter and I, and really, Spring, I do just wish I could look out the window and see your colorful blossoms, moist with dew. I mean, come on, Spring, is this silence, this evasiveness, really necessary? It's April 22nd, and my toes are freezing in my wool socks. The tea in my hand can't even take the edge off the chill. Winter has departed, but you, Spring, stubbornly hide yourself away, leaving us here in a seasonal purgatory.

And come on, Spring, I mean everyone sings your praises. In literary terms, you are Rebirth, Regeneration, Love; poor Winter has to get stuck with Death and Dying. Poets muddle through the cold season, pouring their darkest humors into their winter poems, in order to find their way back to you, Spring. Nobody looks out his window on a fragrant, sunny day in May and mutters, "Oh, God, it's warm and clear again."

So, with all due respect, Spring, I think a little perspective is in order.

If that isn't enough, then I'm willing to get down on my knees and beg your forgiveness. Please come back, Spring. Please?


chris said...

Looks like the postal service did not yet deliver your letter. Please send it again.

Elizabeth said...

Dear Tricia,

If you haven't noticed, I am New ENGLAND, and this, in fact, IS Spring, in the honourable sense of my honourable English ancestors. So bugger off and have a pint, why don't you and stop your whinging. Summer will be hot and disgusting soon enough.



Elizabeth said...

(By the way, I totally agree. I was just attempting to be humorous. I did see a parallel however, in the weather here and the weather this time of year in London. The weather in London tends to be a bit better however. Blech. I am ready for some play dates soon!)

tricia said...

Dear Spring:

You always were a fickle b**&h: lamb one minute, lion the next; showers one day, tempests the next.I'll have a pint, alright, but you can bet it won't be a Spring Ale.

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