Thursday, April 24, 2008

in the contact zone

In class, we have been discussing "contact zones," which writer Mary Louise Pratt defines as "social spaces where different cultures meet, clash, and grapple with one another." Here, Dylan, our perpetual peace-maker and product of a "mixed" family, emerges from the contact zone as one very confused child.

"It's all good," he says with genial defiance. "I like the Red Sox and the 'Ankees'."

In his innocent attempts at neutrality, he struggles to understand the groans and grimaces that always follow this statement.

A budding Mets fan, to be sure!


Bev said...
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Bev said...

Dylan is one sweet young man, but he must be taught that there is no neutral ground's 'Ankees' all the way!!

DaveT said...

I'm fine with Dylan rooting for the 'Ankees' as long as they are not playing against the Red Sox.

Shannon said...

Sammy saw this picture over my shoulder and asked, "He's a Red Sox AND a Yankees fan?"... even out here in Colorado, and at 6.5 years of age, he knows that's not normal. Go Dylan! :-)